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Stage Platform Rentals
In New York City - Event Planner Benefits

Image by Alasdair Elmes

If you are an event planner, we should talk! Stage Kings partners closely with hundreds of event planners across New York City to create unforgettable and innovative event experiences. We know how different each event can be and our years of experience combined with our massive rental inventory provide you with endless possibilities to style your next event.

We know that your clients are looking for innovative ideas, fresh creativity, and cost-effective solutions. Our streamlined design and rental process are what event planners love the most. Furthermore, during your events, you will have the support of our talented technical and creative specialists. We love what we do and go the extra mile to make our relationship with you fruitful and long-standing. Do you have an event that could benefit from our unique  rental products and services? Give us an opportunity and we will show you what a smart choice you’ve made in your partnership with Stage Kings. Contact us and see how we can make your next event an incredible success.

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