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Truss Rentals In New York City

Truss Rental

Stage Kings is your number one source for truss systems to support audio, lighting, and video equipment. If you need a truss package or complete stage design and setup, you are in the right place. Our truss rentals can be built for any concert or festival with round truss and angle truss designs. Truss rental from Stage Kings is the safest and most reliable truss rental solution in New York City. The Stage Kings team brings years of engineering experience in rigging, trussing, and automation, to every project. Our dedicated staff of engineers, product designers, and riggers creates advanced rigging and automation components for your next production in NYC. 

We work with both custom and stock products and have the experience to provide the best means of lifting, flying, or transporting with the highest level of safety, reliability, and repeatability to solve even the most challenging designs. Stage Kings designs truss systems for various events, including concerts, car shows, theater productions, television and film shoots, trade show booths, art gallery events, and more. 

We carry a vast inventory of box truss rentals, c-clamps, shackles, and sandbags. We specialize in renting aluminum truss and structural components for entertainment, live music production, and exhibition industries. We rent stage truss, lighting truss, visual display truss, exhibits truss, circular truss, tradeshow truss, exhibition truss, folding box truss, triangle truss, ground supported truss systems, stage roof truss systems, rigging hardware, and hundred of other truss accessories. 

​Trussing and rigging are crucial components of an event. Stage Kings offers a wide range of rigging and trussing equipment rentals in NYC. Our highly professional, skilled, and certified riggers provide the highest quality rigging services for any event. We can cater to any need with our massive inventory, including studio productions, live entertainment, exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and brand activations. Our project managers work alongside our crew to create a rigging plan that accounts for the event requirements and venue restrictions. We ensure load calculations are definite, with all rigging carried out safely and efficiently. We offer truss and rigging rentals throughout New York City and the tri-state area, including Long Island & New Jersey. Our experienced team manages all installation and removal of all equipment while maintaining the highest regard for safety and customer care.

Our truss rental brands include tomcat and global truss.

Some of our inventory includes:

12″ Silver & Black Truss

2′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental
3′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental
4′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental
6′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental

8′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental

12′  x 12″  Box Truss Rental

Goal Post Truss 12' x 30'

Tomcat Circular Truss 20" x 20"
Tomcat Circular Truss 12" x 12"
Truss Bases 30" x 30"
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 10'
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 8'
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 5' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 2' Silver
Tomcat Box Truss 12'' x 10' Silver
Tomcat Box Truss 12" x 8' Silver
Tomcat Box Truss 12" x 2' Silver
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 10' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 20" x 8' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 12'' x 10' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 12" X 8' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 12" X 5' Black
Tomcat Box Truss 12" x 2' Black


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