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Stage Audio Rentals In New York City

Speaker Rental NYC

We are your single source for all audio equipment rental needs. We customize audio packages for large-scale events, multistage festivals across New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. Our decades of experience allow us to foresee and identify many challenges encountered when producing an event. From the initial idea through the final strike, we provide our clients with collaborative consultation, sharing valuable knowledge to help achieve their goals with cost-effective solutions. Our state-of-the-art rental inventory features the most advanced commercial audio equipment available on the market. Our advanced wireless interface controls give us the ability to create powerful experiences with incredibly flexible resources. Our skilled and certified audio technicians work with our event designers and producers to ensure exceptional audio quality.

We specialize in audio system rental packages for:

Festivals & Concerts

Music festivals are what we do best, providing concert audio for over a dozen festival events every year. We ensure smooth, on-time service that allows minimal stress to all parties involved. With our massive inventory, we can cover up to six stages with ease. Live music is our specialty, and we work dozen of concerts per year. Single events or touring shows, we have the equipment that professionals require. Indoors or outdoors, let us build a customized audio system to meet your exact needs. 


Corporate / Private Events



Embracing the latest in digital audio technology enables us to provide superb sound quality at every event. Our friendly staff can deliver an audio system for weddings and corporate functions that will elevate the overall ambiance of any event. 


Our top industry-leading equipment comes from brands including QSC, JBL, Shure, Pioneer, Mackie, and Yamaha.

Some of the sound products we stock in our vast inventory:

  • Complete audio systems

  • Microphones (wired, wireless, lav)

  • Audio consoles and speakers

  • Audio processing equipment

  • Audio monitors

  • Communication systems

  • DJ equipment

  • Wireless transmitters

  • Sound mixing consoles

  • Audio recording

  • Audio solutions for virtual events

  • Audio installation, trussing, rigging

  • On-site management & tech support

We know how important the quality of sound is to your event. Whether it’s a brand activation, live concert, gala, or large-scale conference, our staff ensures your guests have a flawless audio experience. We have a vast amount of speaker system rentals to suit any venue and crowd size. We tailor every audio system rental package to your exact requirements. Our clients rely on us to create an impactful experience and incorporate all of the technical elements required for your event. We work with industry-leading brands to consistently deliver outstanding results. Our audio packages include: consoles, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, monitors, and DJ gear and can be bundled with a comprehensive package, where we supply staging, lighting, and labor services. Our perfectly curated large venue audio packages for a 1,000-4,000 person audience include delivery, setup & operation.

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