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Lighting Rental New York City

Image by Dominic Hampton

Lighting design is both a science and an art.  We blend the two together to craft eye-popping light shows for events and productions. At Stage Kings, all of our lighting services are available as part of a full-service package that can include design and coordination before your event. This full-service package allows you the seamlessly rent all the equipment needed with complete design, labor, logistics, and on-site support services. You will work directly with our product designers to accomplish the aesthetic goals and ensure consistency from start to finish.

Event lighting is what makes your event POP. It adds drama, effect, atmosphere, and intensity to your production. If you need to highlight a special moment, a key message, a new product, or create a mood, our lighting systems are designed to enrich your audience experience. Creating the perfect lighting is our specialty, and our lighting solutions tailored to any event. We have supported concerts, festivals, weddings, exhibitions, and thousands of other events. Our lighting technicians are experienced, creative, and flexible, allowing us to deliver the best in stage and event lighting across New York City and the tri-state area. We stock an extensive range of lighting products to cater to any size event, indoors & outdoors. We stock industry-leading brands that we can depend on time after time.

Some of our products include:

  • Fresnels 

  • Source 4's

  • Par Cans

  • Custom Gobo Lights

  • Follow Spot Rental

  • LED Uplighting Rental

  • Pinspot Rental

  • LED Wash Panels

  • Strobe Lights

  • Lasers

  • Cyclorama

  • Lighting Trees

  • Searchlights

  • Bistro Lights

  • Mirror Ball Rental 

  • Blacklight Rentals

Stage Kings rents a vast inventory of moving lights, including lights manufactured by Chauvet, GLP, Robe, Elation, ETC. 

Whether your message or presentation would benefit from a gentle, soothing ambiance or a full-scale rock concert with high-intensity effects, Stage Kings can provide it. Besides lighting products, we also offer smoke machines, strobe lights, bistro lights, mirror balls, snow machines, confetti cannons, and foggers. 

Much of our extensive LED equipment is indoor/outdoor-rated, and we stock both wired and wireless gear. We can supply all your supplemental components, including cables, cable ramps, transformers, power distribution for trade shows booths, and conference lighting packages in New York City. 

Contact one of our rental associates today, and they'll be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information about our lighting rentals in NYC.

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