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Stage Rentals
In New York City - Houses of Worship

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We strive to provide the best service possible with the highest regard to the quality of our rentals in New York City. We offer houses of worship across NYC podiums rentals, monitors, video walls, projectors/screens, and PA system rentals for all types of religious celebrations. Our rental teams happily work with many churches across the tri-state area for any event on their calendar.


We know the architectural structure of a worship space has an enormous impact on the quality of the experience a congregation shares. The size and shape of the room, the profile of the ceiling, the color temperature of the lights, the clarity of the in-house sound system, and the placement of the video projection screen all play a role. To truly enhance an event service there, this complex must work together and within the aesthetic and functional design of the worship facility. Stage kings can plan, produce and execute large-scale special occasions and charity gatherings for churches and cemeteries. We have the skills, technical resources, and knowledge to create, coordinate and manage your religious or memorial event. We also offer video sound technicians if you'd like us to handle your entire ceremony from start to finish. Being local means all our staff and equipment is here in New York City, so there is never delayed delivery.

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