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Stage Platform Rentals

In New York City - Non-Profit Events

Graduations & Events For Colleges, Universities, Public Schools, Vocational Centers

Graduation Stage Rental

It's been quite the year of our educators. The drastic overnight shift to online learning has been a massive undertaking. We take outdoor graduation ceremonies to an entirely new level. Our goal with commencements in 2023 is to honor the students and faculty for their perseverance throughout the last year. As school events return, we are here to make them safe and easy to administer. If you are in charge of planning this year's commencement ceremonies, we should be in touch. Our team has the expertise to facilitate any size event outdoors. We can service and support all New York City public & private schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the events we specialize in are:

  • Public & Private School Events

  • Virtual & Live Streamed Events

  • Graduations & Commencements

  • School Theater Performances

  • Building Dedications

  • Lecture Series

  • Alumni Events

  • Kindergarten Graduations

  • Elementary School Graduations

  • Middle School Graduations

  • High school Graduations

  • College & University Graduations

  • Graduations Parties & Celebrations

  • High School & Collegiate Sporting Events

We can also live stream any graduation ceremony on all major platforms and provide professional camera/recording services.

We are closely monitoring Governor Cuomo & Governor Murphy's updates on 2021 in-person commencements so you can stay up to date on the latest regulations and keep your students safe.


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