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Stage Platform Rentals In New York City - Festivals

Our experience with music, sporting events, festivals, rallies, and more have given us an edge in every new project we tackle. Our areas of expertise include:



LED Walls

LED panels to allow us to build walls in a variety of sizes which can be implemented as part of stage design or free standing as a reliable solution for audience members far from the stage or action. With the versatile trailer-mounted LED Screens, we can deliver high-quality video to your event. Because size does matter, our LED video wall rentals can be scaled to any height or width, at any resolution. And unlike those old-school video screen displays of yesterday that broke up visuals among a number of monitors, LED video walls to deliver one seamless image or video in perfect clarity. This completely mobile LED display can be used indoors or outdoors making it the perfect solution for concerts, live video, sporting events, trade shows and industry events. Best of all, the LED wall arrives in a trailer towed by a standard pickup truck driven by a dedicated LED Technician/Driver.




Stage Kings provides safe, reliable, portable power, when and where you need it with 24-hour refueling services. There are many entertainment industry applications for generator rentals. We have used them for outdoor concerts, on movie sets, for parades, and MUSIC FESTIVALS! Our generators can power anything from our rental inventory. Some venues are prepared for all of an event’s power needs, while others, both permanent and temporary, require additional or backup power. These may be in a remote location or take place somewhere the power grid is already highly taxed.

Our generators are industry-leading for their matchless reliability, efficiency, safe, low decibel, and dependable portable power performance for live events.


Festival Lighting

We understand the artistry of lighting. Our event lighting production team is unmatched at delivering extraordinary experiences, vibrantly beautiful color, texture, and movement. 


Additional A/V solutions we can provide you with:

Live HD Camera Feed

Video Projection
LED Smart Displays
Sound Systems
Truss & Rigging

Planning a festival? Here's a quick guide to festival success...

Simple, fast, and straightforward. Discover how to plan the best festival with this straightforward guide. Follow this easy event festival checklist and suggestions for how to plan a successful outdoor festival. 

1. Identify your audience, theme, and create concrete goals, choosing the right KPIs.


2. Understand your budget. Learn where you can save money and where the extra spending will pay off at the end.

3. Make an event timeline for your festival. Begin planning the event six or more months in advance. Secure big picture items such as talent and venue. Solidify details such as caterers, permits, and extra activities one to three months out. Leave important yet smaller, one-off tasks last.

4. Obtain the right licenses and insurance. Getting the right permits and being code compliant is paramount. 

5. Craft a high-impact event marketing and ticket sales plan. Contact us for more info.

6. Find the perfect venue. 

7. Pitch festival sponsors. 

8. Hire vendors and event staff. 

9. Plan your venue decor, lighting, signage, and rent any additional equipment needed. 

10. Keep your event festival budget low. Contact us for a full spectrum guide on maximizing your ROI.

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