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Stage Rental In New York City - Live Music

Concert Stage Rental

We all love a live show. The technical requirements of events that have live music as part of the programming can differ significantly. We can set the tone and ambiance of your event by supplying professional audio components to create optimal soundscapes. Music does not necessarily have to be very loud to evoke emotion. We provide quality, state-of-the-art, professional audio rentals for our music industry clients across New York City. 


Outdoor Events


Event organizers often cross their fingers when planning an outdoor event due to possible inclement weather. We supply a wide range of stage roof systems and tenting to ensure an uninterrupted event. Our mobile stages all offer roofing to keep your performers protected from the elements. 




We work with festival organizers to provide staging, audio, and lighting for outdoor festivals across NYC. Stage Kings work together with you to choose a perfect festival rental package for any size audience. You can rest assured knowing we will always be on-site to ensure a smooth-running show. Whether your entertainment includes live music, DJ's or dance performers, we work to ensure everyone, including the performers and audience, have an unforgettable experience. 


Live Bands


Every musical artist has their technical requirements. We can help you identify your performer's exact needs and provide the equipment necessary to stage a perfect show.

If you're not sure what equipment is needed, call us, and we can provide you with our professional suggestions to make your event successful and always within your budget. 

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