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Stage Platform Rentals In New York City - Agencies

Experiential Marketing Stage Rental

Today more than ever, consumers, investors, and your employees value interactive experiences when deciding what brands to align with. Brands that win in today’s competitive market carefully consider using brand activations and influencers to share their brand message. Stage Kings crafts one-of-a-kind brand activations for the world's leading brands. Our events throughout Manhattan cut through the media clutter and distinguish your client's message. These experiences are relevant and meaningful to your target audiences, inspiring them to share your work on their social channels. Our work with some of the best guerilla marketing agencies has produced one-of-a-kind viral campaigns and record-breaking metrics. 

​Stage Kings is New York City's award-winning staging and production rental house serving forward-thinking experiential agencies from across the globe. Our in-house production and logistics teams ensure the flawless execution of your creative vision. All of our products are provided with 24/7 logistics and technical support.

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